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• The body of the projector and  cooling channel (monoblock) are made of  quality   material;  Aluminum 6063 in a single piece by injection.

• The main body color is usually gray in color  preferred, may optionally black.

• The main body of the projector size 440mm X 235 mm. X 175 mm. its complete       weight,    7.750 gr. is available.

• All screws and nuts used in the projector is made of full stainless chrome.

• Tunnel B Projectors, optionally are manufactured from   108 W -  to 250W.

• The projector USA  of origin, CREE LED life of 50,000 hours at least used.

• LEDs are used in the projector according to the standard IEC 62471 test report is made of Photo biological tests.

• All LEDs we use the same brand and pattern.

• LEDs are used in the projector relative color temperature range of 6500 K to 2700.

• The projector is applied to the LEDs used in the LED constant current value does not exceed 70% of the applicable maximum constant current.

• The LEDs used in the projector is compatible with the RoHS directive.

• In the projector main body, one piece of aluminum with stainless steel screws is rigidly mounted to the PCB and suitable to be disassembled self-socket cord is used.

• LEDs containing PCBs at least 2 mm. (± 5%) in thickness and color of the body is made of compatible colors.

• The power supply to the projector, the overall supply switch (swich mode power

supply) is used. Switched-mode power supply 0 celcius output is short-circuit protected.

• The projector is any LED on PCB 1cm after working 6 hours, offset the temperature does not exceed 60 degrees.

• The front side of the projector at least 4 mm. thick, heat-and impact-resistant tempered glass is used.

• The projector used in the gaskets temperature resistant, non-flammable, are made of silicone material.

• The projector is capable of work in main voltage range of 90-250 VAC  and work with AC input voltages are available.

• This projector is operating frequency range 50-60 Hz.

• If the projector is mounted on the vertical axis on the surface has the ability to be able to move a total of at least 300 degrees.

 • The projector, cable entry, will not interfere with the movement of the vertical axis is provided by the option of stainless metal.

• The projector for power connection standard TS 9765 HD 22.4 S4,  H07RN-F 3x1, 5 mm. square, stranded, fine stranded tinned inner sheath rubber, chloroprene rubber sheathed cable is used.

• The projector main  cable length of 500 mm.

• This projector, electrical resistance, insulation resistance and leakage current values of TS EN 60598-2-5 standard 10th Part, and TS EN 60598-2-5 standard grounding appropriate scheme 7.

• The projector is provided with all kinds of materials and labor, at least 5 (five) year warranty.

• Our company, after the expiry of the warranty to be valid for at least ten (10) year period for the cost of technical services, consulting, service and spare parts are guaranteed to provide.

• Our projectors IP67 protection class.

• Our projectors, all the tests have been performed by an organization accredited in accordance with TS 8702 EN 60598-2-5 directive TSE, CE and ATEX certificate.