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* Extrusion method with a cooling channel in the body of the projector 6063 and the main body is the main body of quality materials eloxal coated. Main body color eloxal optionally, metallic gray, black, red, blue coating can be done.

*The main body of the projector measures 198mm x 400 mm extrusion. X SS mm. isa complete weight 9,2SO gr.

* Aluminum extrusion heatsink outside of the body all the apparatus, (the carrier arms, the carrier-angle setting bridges, joints, Power Supply storage box, projector mounting platform and the glass mounting frame), full stainless steel are made of chrome.

* The projector lenses are used in optical 25-degree angle.

* Total luminous flux of at least 7800 Lm.

* 72W total power drawn by the projector from the network.

* Power LED projector type, brand USA at least 50,000 hours life CREE LED is used.

* The projector is made of LEDs used in the test report; Photo biological tests according to IEC 62471 Standard

* All LEDs we use the same brand and model.

* The projector used in 6000 with a color temperature of 6500 K in the range of LEDs relative.

* LEDs used in the projector is compatible with the RoHS directive.

* The projector is about 25 degrees ambient temperature of 350 mA when driven at least 130 Lm. Light emitting LEDs are used.

*The projector used in the LE Ds under which a constant current value does not exceed 70% of the value of the constant current LEDs maximum capacity.

* Inside the projector, the main frame extrusion with a single piece of stainless steel screws firmly mounted on Aluminum PCB to be installed and disassembled conveniently structure.

* At least 2mm LEDs containing PCBs. (plus or minus S) in thickness, and color of the body are made of compatible colors.

*The projector used in the PCB, complete with a constant current driver circuit providing a constant current, constant current value of the deviation that may occur and may occur in up to plus minus 10 is protected against short circuits.

* Switching power supply for the projectors overall supply (switch mode power supply) is used. Switched-mode power supply’s DC output is short circuit protected.

* Switch mode power supply power factor is at least 0.9.

* Projector; After working 6 hours on any Led Pcb 1cm. does not offset the temperature value of 60 degrees.

* At least 4 mm in front of the projector; thick, heat-and shock resistant tempered glass is used.

* The projector used in the seals are made of heat-resistant silicone material will not burn.

* The projector is in the range of 90-250 V AC mains AC supply voltage to operate, and in the long run is property.

* Projectors operating frequency range is 50-60 Hz.

*The projector is mounted on the surface with a vertical axis features a total of at least 100 degrees to act.

*Cable input, the projector will not interfere with the movement of the vertical axis, provided the records including stainless steel metal.

*Since the launch of the projector cable length 1500 mm.

*To access the projector's power supply in compliance with TS

9765 HD 22.4 S4, H07RN-F 3x1, 5 mm.2, multi-core, stranded tinned thin rubber inner sheath, chloroprene rubber sheathed cable is used.

* lnsulation resistance, electrical resistance and leakage current values of the projector, EN 60598-2-5 standard, 10 Part, the grounding scheme 7 in the standard EN 60598-2-5 Complies with part.

* Supplied with the projector and all kin ds of materials in terms of workmanship and materials for at least 5 (five) year warranty.

* Our company, after the expiry of the warranty to be valid for at least 10 (ten) years for the cost of technical services, consultancy, service and spare parts are guaranteed to provide.

* Projectors IP65 rating.

* Projectors, all tests were made by an accredited institution in accordance with the TSE and TS 8702 EN 60S98-2-S directive and CE certificate.