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AYSAN: has been involved with developing on boulevards, avenues and parkways lighthing systems having great succes and proud of his skills beyond of his 35 years background and reached today’s famous brand in this sector since 1974.


The top of today’s high tecnological product "Led Lighthing systems" are used by their own self-made design on Modern Outdoor Lighthing fixtures for saving energy and lessen the consumption of electricity and faced for new horizons day by day.


The lighthing fixtures of boulevards avenues and parkways are all equiped by highly rated energy saving Led systems, are replaced with the traditional systems due to changing of bulbs, maintenance expenditures are saved and gathered for natinal welfare. All aggregations are returned the inland development facilities.


In our daily life: knowing the importance of "70% Energy Saving" for our future life and to keeping AYSAN quality at the peak, we workers and supporters of our concept to try the newest and enlarge scale productions.


In additionally; we also inspired on the idea of Energy Saving, we had a new invention compact system (sliding and interchangeable tube system) are completly our own desing and project will help to increasing of National lncomes by exports. For example; in todays usage all Energy Saving Lamps are can be trashed when their lifespan is over and that can cause the losses of National lncomes. But our compact (sliding and interchangeable tube system) Energy Saving  Lamps can be replaced only tubes and can provide to extend at least 3 times more on lifespan. Finally our Energy Saving Lamps are having longest lifespan with other so called equivalent and make 3 times lessen in cost. Our AYSAN brand Energy Saving Lamps design had an reward by the Government of Minister "Best Design Award of 2008" honored and encouraged us for our future continous efforts for all human being living in our single earth.