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AYSAN /Energy Saving Lamp






* Sliding feature has the ability to re-use by changing only the tube. Thus, ballast, using a larger savings are provided for many years.


* Base exchange with the same bulb E14, E27, B22, such as it is possible to use different standards.


* Each product is transparent to its standard dimensions, are recyclable packing.


* Each product in the package are mounting for the safety of one glove.


* Our products are printed on, watts, lumens, and all the values, contains the actual value.


* All of our products, packing, including transparent, least 100 units 1 Quality          white gloss, double-groove in the outer package is offered. In addition, 7W, 9W, 11W, and 15W l3W. Value products, 100 units each of which 20 in the outer packing, inner packing units were taken.


* Our products have 1 year warranty period.