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* Energy Consumption: 36W. / 42W. / 48W.

* Outer Body: Aluminum spinning 650mm hat .

* Direct base: 90mm. or optional 114mm. Aluminum alloy.

* External reflector: Transparent acrylic Anfora Globe

* Internal Reflector: Aluminum forming

* Dimensions: Ø750 x 500mm.

* Weight: 4,300 gr

* Operating voltage: AC

* Operating frequency: 50 Hz .

* Operating temperature: -40°C to +55°C

* PCB printed circuit board: 2mm. aluminum, white

* Lamp power efficiency: 0.94

* Fixture PFC: 0.90 higher

* Led the type used in: USA / CREE - XPHEW- XPG

* Fixture protection class: IP65

* Power supply module, protection class: IP65

* LED current drivers: 300mA - 850mA.

* Operating time: 50.00 hours of use with at least 70% Lm.

* PCB operating temperature: Maximum 20 Kelwin at the end of 12 hours of use

* Power supply module: IP6S socket, change in place.

* Led Photo biological test: Done according to Standard IEC62471.

* Lighting glass: 4mm. thick, tempered, heat and protected from ultraviolet rays.

* Fixture safety class: Class I

* Fixture color: Optional RAL colors. Electrostatic polyester powder painted.

* Lamps, voltage control, flow control, and LED control for reverse polarity protection. In addition, experiments in low voltage fixtures, insulation, leakage current tests are completed.

* Used places: street, road, street, parks, 3 to 4 meters. Lighting poles.