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Fixture cap; 730 mm diameter circular aluminum die plastering upper and lower closure is made up of into  two parts. Plastering lower press, aluminum PCB printed circuit comprising Leds,   465 mm diameter,  4 mm thickness, heat and impact   resistant tempered glass with a thickness of silk screen turned off and  available  for installation on the  3 pcs bolt holes. Tempered glass fitting, brass material,  chrome-plated steel bolts have been installed. Heat-resistant silicone gasket seal   between the glass and fittings are available. Aluminum PCB printed circuit board     (±  2%) of 2 mm. thickness, operating temperature up to 20 degrees Kelvin at the end of 12 hours of usage. In PCB, 44,  each one  1-3W Power, 148 Lumens High Power LED, 350mA drive worth used. Each LED. operating range of the property;  3.2 V, 350 to 1000 mA and Power factor is at least 90%. Fixture’s  consumption is  at least 60 watts. Fixture, 76mm. 3 pieces of cast aluminum pedestal suitable transition metal tube 18mm in diameter and 600 mm. again at full length stainless chrome die-cast aluminum tubes mounted on pallets. Luminaire operating voltage AC, 50 Hz operating frequency and operating temperature range of -40 ° to +55 °. Luminaires with LEDs for at least 50,000 hours of use LEDs use 70% lumen is protected Photobiological tests were made according to standard IEC62471. In Power module IP65 plug-in power sockets are used  to facilitate change and efficiency at 90% higher. Fixture with  voltage control, flow control, and LED control with reverse polarity protection and also low-voltage tests, isolation and leakage current tests were performed. All fixtures are made of stainless steel screws and nuts. LED lighting fixture on the pole, in the desired direction to be turned 360 degrees around the axis of die-cast aluminum mounting aperture.


Aluminum anodized metal parts, fittings body, the paint to be passed before the phosphate bath electrostatic polyester powder coated optional RAL color code. Protection class is  IP65.